Phrase of the Week

11 Nov

Good morning, Boston Life!

It’s time for the English phrase of the week! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us–administration and teachers alike! Have a great time learning!

Boston Life Administration

“Give me a hand.” OR “Gimme a hand.”

“Give me a hand” is an English phrase that is a way to ask for help with a task. “Give me a hand” would be used if one person would like the assistance of another person. It is an informal phrase that means, “Would you help me with this?” The second form of the sentence, “Gimme a hand” is a shortened version of the first form. “Gimme” is a shorter way to say “Give me” in English.

For example:
Person A: “Could you give me a hand with these bags?”
Person B: “Of course I’ll help you carry your groceries to your apartment!”
Person A: “Thank you!”


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