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Free Family Concert: The Sounds of Song and Dance

31 May

Saturday, Jun 1 2:00p to 4:00p

After Saturday’s “The Sounds of Song and Dance” concert, kids become musicians at the instrument petting zoo in the outdoor Children’s Garden. The program inspired by international songs and dances features Hans Spencer’s “Urban Pastorale” evoking sounds of homes in and around Boston. – June Wulff, Globe Staff


Excitement at Harvard Graduation Ceremony

31 May

It was an exciting graduation celebration yesterday afternoon at Harvard University.  The featured commencement speaker, Oprah Winfrey, shared her life story and experiences with the crowd and discussed her own rise to fame.  Along with Oprah, Boston Mayor Menino also attended the graduation and received an honorary degree from the prestigious university.

Boston Strong Concert Tonight

30 May

Tonight, Boston’s TD Bank Garden will host The Boston Strong concert, featuring a star-studded lineup that includes AerosmithCarole KingJames Taylor, the band BostonJimmy Buffett and more.

The event will benefit The One Fund Boston, and help those affected by the April 15 bombings. 

Tickets are still available, and If you’re not able to attend the event, will be streaming the concert live starting at 7 p.m. ET.

Other artists and entertainers slated to take part in the show include The J. Geils Band, modern rockersGodsmack, country star Jason Aldean, veteran boy band New Kids on the Block and comedians Steven Wright and Dane Cook.


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Memorial Day weekend events around Boston

24 May

Posted by Swati Gauri Sharma 

The Museum of Fine Arts will display love for Boston during three free days in late May. The Memorial Day weekend events are being held in support for the city after the bombings at the Boston Marathon. May 25-27, 10 a.m.-4:45 p.m.,

For those hours with (hopefully) minimal rain, take a walk around the Fresh Pond reservation in Cambridge and take in the nature as the spring season blossoms. May 27, 8-10 a.m., Fresh Pond Reservation

Take the whole family to learn about the life of a Marine on board the USS Constitution. Then, tour the museum exhibhits and get some education in along with a family outing. May 25-May 27, 9 a.m.-6 p.m., USS Constitution Museum, Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston.


Trains to Cape Cod

23 May

Cape Cod is a favorite summertime vacation destination for many Bostonians. However, for many, it is difficult to reach without a car. Not anymore! 

Starting Friday, Bostonians will just be a train ride away from the Cape. The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority, in cooperation with MassDOT, will run the seasonal service beginning Friday May 24, through Labor Day, Sept. 2.

Cape Flyer, a summer rail service from Boston to Cape Cod, will cost travelers $35 for a round trip ticket from South Station to Hyannis, and $20 for a one-way ticket.  Service from South Station to Buzzards Bay runs $33 round trip. Beach goers can also hop the train at Braintree, $20 round trip, and Middleboro, $15 round trip.

It’s the first time in over two decades that there will be rail service between Boston and Cape Cod, so take advantage of it and visit the cape this summer!

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6 Worst Things To Eat

22 May

By Dr. Mike Roussell

Here are 6 foods a nuturitionist would never eat, and you should not either.

Rice Cakes,they can have a glycemic index rating as high as 91 (pure glucose has a rating of 100), making it the kind of carbohydrate that will send your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride. This is bad for weight loss and for your health.

Fat-free salad dressings are a perfect example of good food gone bad. Salad dressing is an irrational fear of dietary fats has forced food companies to mess around with this perfect blend. The resulting fat-free salad dressings have introduced sugar and high fructose corn syrup, un-pronounceable emulsifying agents, and other food science secrets used to make the unnatural seem natural.
The risk/benefit ratio of eating fish (the benefits of omega-3 fats vs. the risk of mercury) typically falls in favor of the omega-3 fats and their incredible health effects. Shark is one of the exceptions. Despite having an omega-3 fat content similar to tuna, shark contains almost three times the amount of mercury. Tilefish is another high mercury/low omega-3 fish that should be avoided.

Unfortunately this rules out a majority of the carbohydrates found on supermarket shelves. Refined and re-fortified grains are grain-based foods like certain breakfast cereals, pastas, and rice products that have been refined such that the naturally occurring fiber, vitamins, and minerals have been removed. Companies then replace the fiber and synthetic versions of the vitamins and minerals that were initially removed.
Sugar-Sweetened Beverages
If you stop eating only one thing on this list, it should be sugar-sweetened beverages. The empty calories help pad your waistline without offering any sense of satiety or fullness. Plus, simple sugars do an excellent job of lowering your good cholesterol and increasing your triglyceride levels (two risk factors for heart disease). Drinking sugary beverages also promotes disturbances in your body’s inflammatory balance, making it harder to recover from exercise and increasing your risk of numerous chronic diseases.
Another hyper-refined carbohydrate, grits are the small leftover pieces from corn processing. Nutritionally speaking, grits lack significant amounts of vitamins or minerals. They contain a minute amount of fiber and no essential fats. Their flavor is lacking and thus butter or heavy cream is used to make them palatable, bringing together the blood-vessel-destroying, unholy marriage of simple carbohydrates and saturated fat.



Outdoor Festivals in June

21 May

No plans yet on June 2? Why not check out stART on the Street!

stART on the Street is the signature event; a day long arts, music, and cultural celebration on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA. The festival has hosted an increasing number of arts and crafts vendors each year, and includes a main stage area with a variety of live band performancesfrom rock & roll, alternative country, jazz, world music and more. Street performers entertain on the street level; everything from Africa-Brazilian Capoeira demonstrations, a cappella groups, acoustic music, dance and many more genres of performance art. This festival also provides a youth activities area with local organizations hosting interactive art activities; making it a popular attraction for families throughout the years.

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