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Break the bad habits that will ruin clothes

29 Mar

By Keith Barry October 19, 2012 from

Here are seven ways to break bad laundry habits that are keeping your clothes dirty, or prematurely wearing them out.

Don’t Wash That Stain In Hot Water!

To Bleach Or Not To Bleach? Check The Cycle

Don’t Over-Soap

Lend a Hand to Bulky Loads

Check Your Vents And Hoses

Consider Damp-Drying Dedicates

Read The Darn Manual!


Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day, April 9

28 Mar

Um did someone say free icecream?

Yes, Please. 

On April 9 Ben &Jerrys Locations throughout Boston will be hosting their annual Free Cone day. They will have all their standard flavors available plus some special limited time flavors.

This year all Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops will be giving away plenty of their classic flavors, as well as some of their new flavors like Candy Bar Pie and Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt. 

And, this year its easier than ever because there’s a new app for your smart phone that will guide you to the closest Ben & Jerry’s free cone location, and even provide a Free Cone Day frame to send photos to friends and loved ones to see what fun they’re missing. Whether it’s time for you to try that new flavor you’ve been wondering about or just want to stick with the classics, enjoy the awesomeness that is free ice cream, either way it’s on Ben & Jerry. Grab a pal and head over to your local store for some good, ’scream fun! 

Tues., April 9, noon – 8 p.m. All ages. Free 

Temporary tattoos warned against by FDA

27 Mar

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning against a dangerous practice that many college kids engage in while on vacation. No, not binge drinking or using tanning oil instead of sunscreen: getting a temporary tattoo.

“Just because a tattoo is temporary it doesn’t mean that it is risk free,” said Dr. Linda Katz, director of the FDA’s Office of Cosmetics and Colors. Some consumers report reactions that may be severe and long outlast the temporary tattoos themselves as the photo below illustrates.

 According to the FDA , it has received reports of problems associated with the tattoos such as redness, blisters, raised red weeping lesions, loss of pigmentation, increased sensitivity to sunlight, and, in rare cases, permanent scarring.

The state Department of Public Health regulates tattoo parlors that provide permanent tattoos, but kiosks offering temporary ones.

By Deborah Kotz, Globe Staff


Weather Science

25 Mar

You might have noticed your car was quite warm inside if you parked in the sun this weekend. The sun drives the weather and the sun is getting stronger this time of the year, really fast. Since the beginning on the month the sun has risen about 10 degrees higher at noon. To put that in context, the sun is now a full 25 degrees higher around lunch than it was back in December. If you don’t remember your geometry, a sun directly overhead at noon would be at 90 degrees, today the sun will reach 50 degrees above the horizon. (Due to daylight saving time it’s actually 1 PM). Besides the fact this is why it is getting warmer, it’s also why any snow that falls during the day this time of year is almost impossible to stick.

We will see a bit of sunshine today, mostly north of Boston and that is where temperatures will reach well into the 40s. Further south clouds will keep it cooler only in the lower 40s. If you are traveling to New York or into the mid-Atlantic region there could be delays from the storm.

We have one storm this morning moving out of the Ohio valley region and eventually transferring its energy to a new storm off the coast. In the past two months storms in this position has often moved northward and clobbered us with snow and wind. However, there is a big blocking weather system to our north and this block is strong enough to force the coastal storm safely out to see. The biggest affect from the storm will be some gusty winds along the coast. The storm is quite large and a slight wobble north could provide parts of Cape Cod or the Islands with a quick dusting to inch of snow.

Hopefully, all this means is that it is finally long-awaited Spring time, and we will be seeing much more warm weather in the future. 

For more local weather information, check out


Shake Shack opens in the Boston area

22 Mar

Here’s a treat for the first day of spring: New York City’s Shake Shack finally opened shop and brings its famous frozen custard and popular burgers to The Street Chestnut Hill Wednesday.

Fans of Shake Shack were eagerly awaiting the opening of the 3,000 square foot eatery on Boylston Street in Chestnut Hill since plans were announced last May. The burger joint, which calls itself a “modern day roadside burger stand,” is not only famous for its milkshakes, burgers, and custard, but also for its long lines at its several New York City locations.

The Chestnut Hill menu is now available online, and has some special items for the Boston crowd, including a “Lobstah Shell” and a custard called “Revere’s Tracks.”

Even though it’s still freezing outside, Shake Shack may be just the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a hopefully wonderful, warm season.

Shake Shack is located at 49 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill.


Global Earth Hour this Saturday

21 Mar

Earth Hour’s ‘global switch-off’ planned for Saturday, March 23 2013.

Be prepared – at 8.30pm on Saturday the lights turn off.

From Tokyo to Toronto, Palestine to Papua New Guinea, hundreds of millions of people in over 150 countries will participate in the world’s largest coordinated action on climate change, led by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Organizers state this is a ‘symbolic’ action, and there will be no measurement of it’s impact. But environment campaigners believe it is important to challenge our relationship with technology.

“People need to see collective action to take the issue seriously,” says Peter Madden, CEO of the international group Forum for the Future. 

With technology increasingly embedded in everyday life, it’s time to make smarter choices, says Madden. “The most exciting innovations are making energy use visible. Phone apps can give you data, heaters can learn when they are needed.”

The ‘Beyond Zero Emissions’ group estimate that energy demand could be halved if people replaced their household appliances with more efficient models. Patio heaters remain among the worst offenders, and campaigners are aiming for 100% LED lighting.

So reduce, reuse, recycle, and this saturday at 8:30pm turn off your lights!


T budget plan calls for fare hikes, delayed repairs

20 Mar

As the MBTA nears its deadline to finalize next year’s budget, transportation officials ­detailed more clearly Tuesday how they plan to close the multimillion-­dollar operating deficit, a strategy that will probably include fare increases and defer­ring preventive maintenance.

T officials hope the austerity measures will not be necessary: Governor Deval Patrick’s proposed transportation funding plan would provide a $166 million injection ­into next year’s operating costs. But it will be months before legislators vote on the plan, and the T’s budget deadline is April 10.

In its budget plan, the Massa­chusetts Bay Transportation Authority will probably defer $45 million in upkeep on trains and stations for a year, General Manager Beverly A. Scott said Tuesday, with the hope that the agency will be able to squeeze by until it has more funding.

“I’m praying it’s a timing and figuring-it-out issue,” Scott said.

Though the T’s official deficit stands at $140 million, an estimated increase in ridership, which brings additional revenue from fares, and new initiatives such as digital ads in T stations have narrowed the gap to about $117 million.

Other budget-balancing measures, Scott said, have been tailored with the hope that lawmakers will approve further state funding. Rather than curtailing service hours, the T would rely heavily on fare ­increases, she said, which could be rolled back if state funding becomes available.

Less popular bus routes would probably be cut, she said.

Fare increases would spread the cost-cutting measures more evenly among riders, Scott said, though it could have a greater impact on senior citizens and those with disabilities.

In recent weeks, House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo and other legislators have saidthat preventing an increase in the cost of T fares will be a high ­priority as they hash out details of the bill.

A final proposal for the T’s budget will be submitted for ­review by the MassDOT board of directors on March 28 .

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