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15 Interesting Theories About TV and Movies

31 May

The "Captain Planet" And "Magic Schoolbus" Are Actually The Same Show Theory

Buzzfeed, a web content aggregate, has compiled a list of 15 crazy theories about some televisions shows and movies that we’ve ALL seen. How people came up with these theories…I’ll never know. BUT, I think there are some interesting ideas floating around. Here are some of my favorites:

1) The movie Aladdin was actually set in the future.

2) The Rugrats never actually happened

3) Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is about JFK’s assassination

4) Samurai Jack and the Powerpuff Girls are set in the same universe

5) Captain Planet and the Magic School Bus are the same show

Click here for explanations for these theories and more! What do you guys think? Do you know of any other pop culture, re-inventive theories that aren’t on this list?

Today in History

30 May

Today in 1911, the first ever Indianapolis 500 was held. 40 cars lined up ready to race to the finish and receive a very nice sum of money. The race however turned into chaos after 13 laps when there was a multiple car collision. Deciding who was the winner turned into an argument but eventually they agreed on Ray Harroun who clocked an average speed of 74.59 mph and a total time of 6 hours and 42 minutes. Harroun’s car, The Wasp, was the first car with a rear-view mirror, which Harroun had installed in order to compensate for not having a mechanic in the seat next to him to warn of other cars passing. The Indy 500 quickly turned into a high-paying showcase and demonstration for the world’s most expensive cars as it still is today. You can read more about the Indy 500’s first race here.

Eurovison 2012

29 May

On May 26th, Azerbaijan held the 57th annual Eurovision song contest in Baku. Eurovision began in 1956 as a way to bring European countries together after WWII with 7 countries competing. This year, there were 42 competing countries. Loreen, a singer from Sweden, one this year with a song entitled, “Euphoria.” Sweden has won the competition four times, already, bringing their overall win count up to five. One notable Swedish victor was ABBA’s win in 1974.

Personally, I wanted Cyprus to win. What do you guys think? For more info about the contest and videos of all the performances, click here.

Memorial Day

25 May

This Monday, the 28th, is Memorial Day all over the United States. This is a federal holiday and many places of work are closed for the day. Boston Life is one of those! So make sure you don’t show up for any classes on Monday, because we won’t be open!

Memorial Day is annually observed on the last Monday of May. It is a holiday to honor all Americans who have died while serving the country. Many people visit cemetaries and memorials, particularly to honor those who have died in military service. Many towns and cities across the nation hold parades in honor of those serving our country. The day is also big for family and friend gatherings at barbeques as the day is also a marker for the beginning of the summer (Labor Day is typically the marker for the end of the summer).

Web Review/MIT Ketchup

24 May

The Queen copies Brandy 

Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking site. It hosts over 46.2 million blogs. While a lot of these blogs are run by 14 year old girls who just have to tell the world all of their feelings for Edward Cullen, some blogs are genuinely brilliant. Once such blog is This. Blog. Is. Hilarious. For those of you who don’t know, Brandy is an American singer that gained popularity in the 90s but has since faded away from cultural relevancy. Celebsthatcopybrandy shows us that, actually, Brandy did it first. Lady Gaga’s music videos? Brandy did it first.  The Hunger Games flame dress? Brandy did it first. The Queen of England’s outfits? Brandy did it first. Obviously this is a giant joke…but what makes this blog even better is that so many people think it’s serious! The person that runs the blog gets hate mail SO often and naturally he publishes it for all of us to read. This blog is definitely worth taking a look at.

In other news: researchers at MIT have created a ketchup bottle coating that makes ketchup pour like it was water. This is kind of incredible. Click here to see the magic at work!

50 Shades of Blue?

23 May

Most people have heard about the racy “50 Shades of Grey” book. It came out pretty recently and is on a lot of people’s to-read list. The book has become so popular that they are already thinking about making a movie based on the novel, although there is no casting for it yet. Selena Gomez, however, has made her self a good candidate by putting out a short video parody of the novel, where she is infatuated with the not-so-good looking painter who came to her house to paint her walls. The video parody called “50 Shades of Blue” pokes fun at the book, and is a new trending video now. Check it out for yourself!

50 Shades of Blue with Selena Gomez

New Era in Space Travel

22 May

A company named SpaceX was scheduled to launch the first private mission to the International Space Station on Sunday. The launch was delayed, though, after crews discovered a faulty valve (talk about a close call!). The shuttle is now scheduled to be launched either today, May 22nd or tomorrow May 23rd. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) retired its fleet of space shuttles last July. Many have been upset about the U.S. no longer being in the forefront of space exploration, but with the launch of this private mission, others are saying that we should be celebrating the dawn of a new era. Meg Urry, the chairwoman of the department of physics at Yale University, believes that this will allow NASA to focus on more long distance space exploration. What do you guys think?

For more information, click here.

Eco-Friendly Fashion

21 May

More and more fashion industries are launching campaigns to change the way that we look at clothes. They want consumers to start thinking more about the clothes that they buy. The fashion industry is one of the largest and most polluting in the world, so people in the industry are set out to educate consumers about where their clothes come from. The companies are also setting out to be more sustainable by making new and sustainable new and sustainable fashions from innovative textiles such as milk fibers, corn, and bamboo. H&M is one of the companies leading the change with their Conscious Collection. Learn more about this upcoming fashion movement here.

Penguin Escapes Tokyo Zoo

18 May

A 1 year old Humboldt penguin has escaped from a Tokyo Zoo. The penguin climbed up a sheer, rock wall twice its size and made a run for it on March 6th…and it still hasn’t been found. The zoo staff are hoping to catch it when it climbs up on to land to sleep since it would be nearly impossible to catch it in the water. Apparently Humbodlt penguins are considered to be very vulnerable but this guy seems to be doing just fine in the wild. Click here for more information.

What do you think the zoo should do? Should it leave the penguin alone or should it continue trying to get the penguin back? I find myself hoping that the penguin continues to allude capture…

Website Review/Summer!

17 May

Stumbleupon is a search engine that allows its users to discover and rate web content, including web pages, photos, and videos.

For those of you who use Stumbleupon already, you know that it can either be the best or worst thing to happen to your day. It’s an INSTANT cure for boredom! What’s great about Stumbleupon for me is that it completely eliminates the need to be decisive. I don’t have to make any decisions! Stumbleupon decides for me. Another great thing about Stumbleupon is that it learns from your ratings. The more you rate things either up or down, the better at showing you new content Stumbleupon becomes. However, with the good also comes the bad. For example, once I liked a recipe for brownies. Now I get recipes for other baked goods…all the time. Stumbleupon can also be a catalyst for endless procrastination. You know you should be doing work…but you just keep hitting the Stumble button. *sigh*

All in all, I give Stumbleupon two thumbs up.

In other news, the Boston sunset will be AFTER 8pm tonight! Huzzah! Summer is upon us!