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Florida GOP Primary

31 Jan


With three different primaries and three different winners, today’s primary in Florida is sure to be interesting. At stake in Florida is 50 delegates, the most delegates up for grabs yet. Basically, the race in Florida is down between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, although early polls show that Romney will most likely win. This is in part due to the negative turn that the Romney campaign took against Gingrich recently. However, this didn’t seem to phase Gingrich who said that he would take his bid for nomination “all the way to the convention.”

There are many more primaries to go, however, before a nominee is picked.


Occupy Movements Show Solidarity

30 Jan

At Occupy Oakland Saturday, protesters attempted to take over a long-vacant auditorium in downtown Oakland. Demonstrators were seen throwing rocks and bottles at the police who in return fired bean bag rounds, tear gas, and smoke grenades at the group. In the end, the city of Oakland had one of the biggest mass arrests in the city’s history with charges ranging “from failure to disperse to vandalism.”

The violence with the Occupy movement in Oakland Saturday prompted protesters in other cities and other countries to show the solidarity of the Occupy movement. Twelve people were arrested in New York where the grouped marched from Gramercy Park to Tompkins Square. In Tampa, Florida, several protesters were arrested for blocking traffic. And demonstrations of solidarity were even shown in Boston where protesters marched in the streets downtown.

Whatever happens to one branch of the Occupy movement is felt by all and they will respond with an overwhelmingly collective resistance as they have shown.

Twitter and Facebook make some changes

27 Jan

Twitter and Facebook are making some changes these days that may affect you! Twitter has made the decision to delete certain posts if a country requests it. Now you don’t have to be worried because their goal still remains to protect free speech online as much as possible, and as long as you do not post any comments such as the pro-Nazi tweets that France and Germany have asked twitter to delete, your words are safe. Some people say that the compliance to delete tweets is blatant censorship, but Twitter does not have much of a choice in the matter if they want to stay operating in those countries. And by the sounds of the deleted tweets, I don’t think that they are something that most people would like to read, so the tweets would not be missed.

Facebook on the other hand is making a change that will soon affect everyone who is on Facebook. The company is making the new layout, called ‘Timeline’, mandatory for everyone to have in the next coming weeks. This means that you want to get rid of anything incriminating that you may have in your past. The new ‘timeline’ feature makes it easier for people looking at your profile to access your past photos, posts, and comments.

When Facebook changes your profile, you will be notified of the change and then have seven days to delete content that you don’t want. This time period is crucial because after it ends, you may not be able to delete some of your old posts. In order to make sure that your timeline is the way you want it, you have to go through each post and photo individually and either leave it, or change it by deleting it, editing it, or monitoring who can see it. I know this sounds time-consuming, but it will be worth it in the end.

Click the link to learn more about timeline!

State of the Union Address

26 Jan


On Tuesday, January 24th, Barack Obama gave the 2012 State of the Union Address. The State of the Union Address is an annual address given by the President of the United States to the United State’s Congress. The address acts as an update on the condition of the nation and outlines the president’s legislative plan for the year. Every year there is a “designated survivor.” This person does not attend the address in order to continue running the goverment in case of a catastrophic event.

This year Obama focused on education reform, rebuilding the US’s infrastructure, and creating new energy sources within the US. He specifically mentioned the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, accomplishments against the Taliban and Al-Queda (especially the death of Osama Bin Laden), and stated that the United States will “…stand for the rights and dignity of all human beings – men and women; Christians, Muslims, and Jews.”

To watch the entire address, click here.

Chinese New Year

25 Jan

Monday, January 23rd marked the Chinese New Year and the year of the dragon, more specifically, the water dragon in the Chinese calendar. According to chinese astrology, people born in the year of the dragon are said to be strong, self-assured, eccentric, intellectual and passionate. And this is not only the year for people born under the dragon, but also for people born with water as their lucky element. Astrology says that this year nothing can stop luck from coming water’s way. However, if your element is fire, you should be more cautious because fire is the opposite of water so luck will not be on your side this year. And if you want to learn more about this year’s fortune, click here.

Traditionally, the Chinese New Year celebrations last for 15 days after the new year, the first day being on a new moon and the last ending on the full moon. Each day has a special significance that varies according to local traditions leading up to a lantern festival on the last day. All festivities include dancing, ceremonies for deities and ancestors, gift exchanges, family, and feasting. The loud and colorful celebrations come from mythology based on a bloodthirsty monster named Nian that would emerge on the last night of each new year to eat people and destroy the villages. A wise elder suggested that the people scare away the monster with loud noises and lights to scare the fire away. To this day, the new year is still celebrated with loud noises and lights and fireworks.


84th Oscar Nominations

24 Jan

The nominees for the 84th Academy Awards were announced this morning. As expected, The Artist, The Help, and The Descendents were all nominated for Best Picture as well as receiving nods for several other categories (Best Director, Best Actor, etc.). Martin Scorsese’s Hugo leads the pack with 11 nominations.

Meryl Streep is nominated for Best Actress for her role in The Iron Lady and is the favorite to win. This would be her 3rd Oscar.

Personally, I’m excited to see that Bridesmaids received nominations for Best Supporting Actress (Melissa McCarthy) and Best Original Screenplay (Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo).

Click Here for a complete list.

Patriots to Super Bowl!

23 Jan

Boston and Pats fans all over are hyped up about Super Bowl XLVI. The Patriots and Giants meet again after their first Super Bowl match-up in 2008. Back then, the Pats had a 19-0 record and they were the favorite to win. But the Giants shocked the world by turning the game around with David Tyree’s amazing catch and stopped the unstoppable Patriots from their perfect record.

Now we have a game of revenge for Super Bowl XLVI. The Pats get another chance to beat the Giants and the Giants get another chance to beat the Patriots again. With this years match-up intensifying the deep New Engalnd-New York rivalries, the northeast is already all hyped up for the game in two weeks.

And don’t forget about the commercials! If football is not your thing to watch, then you can watch FOX during that time to take see all the new commercials that will air during the time of the Super Bowl. You can also see Madonna perform in her first Super Bowl appearance when halftime comes around!

Get ready to see a great game of revenge this year in Super Bowl XLVI. Watch it on Sunday, February 5th on FOX at 6:30 pm.