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Market of the Living Dead!

29 Oct

Sunday mornings from May through October local artists, musicians, and food vendors set up shop at SoWa Open Market in South Boston. 130 artists of all kinds including painters, photographers, clothing designers, sculptors, and jewelry artists display their work for sale. 13 different Food Trucks will be there, selling tasty snacks for shoppers to enjoy.


This Sunday, October 30th is the last open market SoWa will hold this year. As the weather gets cold, many outdoor markets close for the winter months. Additionally, the market will be holding a Halloween costume contest this Sunday. The contest begins at 2:00pm and the person with the best costume will win $250!


SoWa Open Market, located at 460 Harrison Avenue in the South End of Boston, offers a wide variety of local art, clothing, music, and food. For more information about the market or directions for how to get there, please click here to visit the SoWa Open Market website.


Occupy Boston Protesters Arrested

11 Oct

Early Tuesday morning, about 50 protesters involved in the Occupy Boston movement were arrested. According to the Boston Metro, the Boston Police Department had already passed out fliers listing their demands, which protesters ignored. The police gave a two minute warning asking protesters to leave before they would be arrested for “unlawful assembly” and “trespassing”. Those not arrested collected money to help bail their friends out of jail. It is estimated that over $4000 will be needed to release the arrested protesters.

See the full article (including pictures) here: Boston Metro News Article

Occupiers have been camping in tents on Dewey Square for over a week now. On October 10th, protesters expanded their campsite beyond the square into the Rose Kennedy Greenway, where they do not have permission to camp. Holiday traffic was blocked near South Station as the protest expanded over this past weekend. Another march is planned for October 15th to promote peace and end the wars in which the United States is involved.

Occupy Boston is movement that was started in support of the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York. Followers in cities across America including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and San Francisco are joining the cause in peaceful protest. Most of the protest centers around economic and political injustice in the U.S., although different cities may choose to focus on issues that affect their area most. Generally, Boston protesters are asking for reform on Wall Street to make Federal taxes more fair and equal.

For more information on this social movement, visit the Occupy Boston Website.