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Free Outdoor Movies

27 Jul

The Boston Harbor Hotel provides free outdoor movies on Friday nights at sundown! This Friday the movie that will be playing is “Back to the Future“. The Boston Harbor Hotel provides a great atmosphere on the waterfront.  It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy the weather by going out to dinner around the North End and watch a free movie afterwards.

Here is a list of upcoming movies, so start planing your weekends now:

July 29: “Back to the Future” 
Aug. 5: “DeLovely” 
Aug. 12: “Same Time Next Year” 
Aug. 19: “An Affair to Remember” 
Aug. 26: “Annie” 
Sept. 2: “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

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Sounds of Summer

26 Jul

Sounds of Summer Music Fest!

Head down to Faneuil Hall this Thursday to hear live music!  Faneuil Hall has dozens of acts scheduled to perform every Thursday throughout the summer from 5:30-8:30PM in the West End Promenade (near Salty Dog). Concerts will take place through September 8th.
This Thursday, July 28:
 5:30-6:30: Loubins Richard & Band
6:30-7:30: Cahill
7:30-8:30: Tall Heights
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Charlie Card Discounts

25 Jul

Did you know that just by showing your Charlie Card to places around Boston you can receive a discount? As many of you know there are two ways to pay for a T ride, either purchase Charlie Tickets ($2.00 per ride) or ask at a booth for a Charlie Card ($1.75 per ride) and continue to refill and reuse it.  The ride is already cheaper when you use a Charlie Card, and now you can get deals at other places!

Check out this link for where the discounts are. Like 10% off at Ben & Jerry’s in Harvard Square, or $2.00 off a ticket to Franklin Park Zoo!

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Boston Life

Summer Nights

20 Jul

The weather has been beautiful lately and it’s time to spend more time outdoors! Warm weather does not hit Boston like this for too long, so take advantage of it while you can.  Boston nightlife offers great places to go and stay outdoors for the night.  Read this article for some fun night activities to enjoy in the warm weather, like outdoor movies, dancing, and music concerts.

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19 Jul

Google+ is the new social network! Although it is still in it’s “project” phase, Google+ will change the way we socialize.  “Project” phase means that the site is still invite only (a member has to invite you to join).  Soon it will be released to the public and everyone will be able use it’s features. Many people have believe it will be the new Facebook! Check out this Google Blog for more information about what is to come with Google+ and watch videos about how it will change the way we communicate.

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Stormy Monday

18 Jul

Looking outside the window today makes it seem like it is about to pour at any minute.  Most people want to stay inside on rainy days like these.  While you are indoors, why not brush up on some funny state facts. For instance, did you know that the ice-cream cone is the state food of Missouri? Or that the pelican is the state bird of Louisiana? How about Idaho having a hotel in the shape of a dog?

Here are some links with state information to keep you entertained when stuck inside today:

Most Bizarre State Foods

List of U.S. State Birds

America’s Weirdest Theme Hotels 

What’s Your State’s Best Food?- Northeast Edition

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Final Harry Potter Film

14 Jul

The final movie of the Harry Potter series is released in America tonight at midnight! Don’t be surprised if you see Harry Potter fans walking around Boston tonight and into tomorrow.  Harry Potter has already earned $32 million in advance ticket sales in North America! Many midnight showings in the area have been sold out.

Check out this link for more information about the movie!

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