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Texas Hold ’em

29 Apr

Good Evening Boston Life Members,

Let us be the first to officially announce that Boston Life will be hosting  a weekly Thursday night poker class. While learning the fundamentals of the game, light conversation and soft drinks will be provided. For more details about this please inquire within the center, because space is limited and we expect a good turnout.

Oh and tonight the Red Sox face the Seattle Mariners, so make sure to check it out!

So until Monday,

Boston Life


A Storms’ a Brewing!

28 Apr

Good Evening Boston Life Members,

For those of you who are still residing in the Boston area, you might want to consider bolting down those windows and drawing those blinds. Tonight a severe thunderstorm is headed our way, with winds reaching heights of 40mph.

If you are not joining us in the Boston area, then we hope all is well and that your travels are going well.

Until tomorrow,

Boston Life

Sports in Boston

26 Apr

Good Evening Boston Life Members,

If you are an overall sports fan, than you are in the right city. Recently with the Red Sox heating up, the Celtics sweeping the series, and the Bruins getting their act together It seems that is a good time to be a Boston sports fans. If you haven’t been keeping up with any of the teams here is a quick update:

Red Sox:

With a 10-11 record so far, the Sox started the season off on rocky footing , but they are turning it around as they just came off  a three game sweep against the L.A. Angels.


With a 56-26 record, the Celtics and are in the playoffs and have just taken game four between them and the N.Y. Knicks. Cross your fingers Bostonians because it seems like the Celtics may be going all the way.


With a 46-25 record, the Bruins are also in the playoffs and after what seems like a dismal start, the Bruins came back to win game 3,4, and 5. Hopefully with game 6 tonight, the Bruins will continue their hot streak.

Until Tomorrow,

Boston Life

Concern for Technology

25 Apr

Good Morning Boston Life Members,

From everybody here at the center, we hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday and got to spend it with you friends and family.

Now, on to the week ahead!

For a lot of people, the abundance, and over usage of technology has begun to take its toll. Multi-tasking has been called out, and students are beginning to find the difficulties associated with constant connection. In the news, the Metro recently put out an article this morning, expressing the difficulties students at Temple University had, when 31 of them were asked to unplug for the day. Not surprisingly only 14 of the assigned 31 students were able to complete the task:–your-homework-back-away-from-the-smartphone

Even closer to home though, professors at MIT have begun expressing concern as well as frustration at their students:

It seems that while the age of technology, and social networking may be on the upswing, a hint of turbulent times seems to be forecasted.

So until tomorrow,

Boston Life

New Website!

22 Apr

Good Evening Boston Life Members,

Today we are proud to say that we have launched our new and improved website. Completely revamped, thanks to our dedicated staff, we have improved, and tweaked our online image and have some added some cool new elements. So please, take a moment to look at our new website:

Earth Day Maddness!

22 Apr

Articles Galore!

21 Apr

Good Evening Boston Life Members,

Yesterday was 4/20 and if you’re caught up on your current history, then you will know that this is a loaded date. For a brief slideshow of the events of 4/20 take a peak of what has happened through the years.

Now, if you are in the Boston area this summer, buckle up those helmets because the city is implementing a new bike renting system:

Attention iphone users! Security researchers have made public, that Apple is keeping a record of your whereabouts:

Finally, tomorrow is the 39th annual Earth Day. For a review of the major environmental accomplishments that have been made, follow the link bellow.

Until tomorrow,

Boston Life