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Opening Day Baseball

31 Mar


It’s a fresh start. It is another chance. In all honesty, it is America’s favorite past time, and today is it’s opening day. Major league baseball goes back over 100 years and today on the 31st of March; we celebrate the beginning of a new season.

A Brief History:

The founding date of Major League Baseball (MLB) is not officially known, but it is certain that it was organized over a century ago. In the early 1900’s there were only 16 teams divided into two leagues: The American League and The National League. Leagues originated in Northeastern and Midwestern states, and by the 1950’s to 1960’s expansion began to occur.  There are now 30 teams in total that make up the two leagues. In regards to diversity, in 1947 the MLB allowed the first African American, Jackie Robinson to play professionally. This officially broke the color barrier and has since caused baseball to be one of the most diversified sports in the United States:

For a season schedule of our own Boston Red Sox check out the following link:

For a preview of our roster:

Also don’t forget to tune in tomorrow at 4:05pm on NESN to see the opening pitch.


Until tomorrow,

Boston Life



Mulling Over Monday

28 Mar

Good Afternoon Boston Life Members,

Hopefully you all had a riveting weekend, and if not then at least a relaxing and well spent one. Today on the 28th of March we celebrate having spent the first seven days of spring in a constant chill. Not getting warmer any time soon, temperatures remain locked in the mid 40’s and bellow. That however, is not a reason to loose hope. With April quickly approaching warmer weather is bound to be brought along., and if not then we can at least appreciate the bright and cloudless days.


Now for a quick news update:


After a horrendous earthquake in Japan, citizens of Japan and of the world are beginning to realize how insidious this tragedy was.


Unrest continues in Libya:


Barnes and Nobel is soon to follow Borders’ path:


Facebook is now linked to depression:


For Baseball fans let us proudly introduce the 2011 Red Sox:


If you’re hungry, try out one of these:



With that we wish you a happy Monday.

Until tomorrow,

Boston Life


Weekend Warriors

25 Mar

Shuck off those work clothes and slip into something more suave. It’s the weekend people and it’s time to have some fun!

List of Clubs:


List of Bars:

List of Pubs:

List of Events:

Now there is no excuse to not have a good night with your friends. So hurry make those calls, make those plans, because the sun is setting and there is only so much time to get wild and crazy. Just remember to be safe and stay warm.


Until Monday,

Boston Life



24 Mar

Good Evening Boston Life Members,


After living, or residing in Boston for a period of time, many people including us at the center, take for granted the rich history that surrounds us. From the walls that shelter us, to the streets that we pound on everyday, there is a story that is waiting to be shared. Even here at the Boston Life Center which is somewhere between 120 and 140 years old, this center holds a rich history.  If you want to lean more about it, come in a bit early before your next lesson. Takeshi would be delighted to share with you a few interesting facts. So with that take care Boston Life members, and remember to enjoy this city.


Until tomorrow,

Boston Life


Things to Celebrate

23 Mar


Good Morning Boston Life Members,
Yesterday on the 22nd of March we had a lot to celebrate. Unfortunately though due to technical issues, we were unable to post yesterday’s installment, so here it is a few hours later.

March 22nd 2011

 Today is Global Water Day! This International awareness day celebrates the importance
of freshwater and the means to attain it:
Yesterday (March 21st 2011) at Brigham and Women’s Hospital doctors
performed the first successful full face transplant:
Now finally, there are only 9 days and a few hours remaining in the
MLB pre-season. This means you have plenty of time to get your proper
baseball attire and maybe even a ticket or two to a couple of games.
If you truly want to experience American culture, Fenway Park home of
the Boston Red Sox is where you need to go. It is a magical location,
filled with a plethora of history. Not to mention, it is a sight that
ensures a good time.

Until Thursday,

Boston Life

South Boston Parade

21 Mar

Good Afternoon Boston Life Members,

If you weren’t around town this weekend, then you probably missed what was one of Boston’s most ridiculous weekends. Starting sometime around 11am in the morning, overly enthusiastic and slightly intoxicated Bostonians flooded the streets and swarmed both the green and red line T stations. Traveling from all across town, throngs of people met in South Boston yesterday afternoon, to witness and participate in Boston’s 110th St. Patrick’s Day parade. The spirits were high, and although the crowd got a little rowdy at times, the parade went off seemingly without a hitch. In our humble opinion, celebrations and festivals are a great way for a city, to come together and celebrate their shared history, culture, or just appreciation for each other. While we hope some of you were able to make it out there yesterday, we understand that it may not have been a possibility. So having said that, posted is a link to photos of all the festivities.


Weekend Wonders

18 Mar

Good evening Boston Life Members,

Welcome to another installment of Boston Life’s blog. As always we hope your week was pleasant and filled with exciting adventures. This weekend although not as warm as today, looks to be fairly pleasant. With temperatures dipping into the 40’s, spring continues to hold fast to Boston. Now if you are looking for something to do this Sunday, or you just want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day again, South Boston is hosting a St. Patrick’s parade, so make sure you check it out!

We hope you all stay safe, and have an amazing weekend.

Take care,

Boston Life