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Farewell to February

28 Feb

Good Morning Boston Life Members,

And welcome to the final day of February. While there is still a fresh coat of snow on the ground, don’t be alarmed because spring is on its way. If any of you are as antsy as we are to get some warmer weather, stay tuned. Rising steadily, temperatures will begin to reach the high 40’s later this week, and with that some snow melting rain. As we mentioned before, we are approaching the rainy season, so make sure you haven’t set aside your rain coat and boots.

On a different note, this weekend was host to one of our favorite events of the year: The Academy Awards.

Best Picture-‘The King’s Speech’

Best Actor- Colin Firth ‘The King’s Speech’

Best Actress- Natalie Portman ‘Black Swan’

Best Supporting Actor-Christian Bale ‘The Fighter”

Best Supporting Actress-Melissa Leo ‘The Fighter’


Red Carpet at the Oscars:

Trailer of this year’s Best Picture:

Besides the Oscars this weekend, few were aware that this past Saturday two of our very own colleges, Boston College and Northeastern University took to the field in Fort Myers, Florida to play against our own Boston Red Sox. Both college teams unfortunately lost, but it was a good effort on their part. (For baseball fans out there, the countdown has begun, T-32 days until the season opener).

In other news:

The discovery landed at the International Space Station (

Alcohol in moderation can help prevent heart disease. (

Hopefully this will tide you over until tomorrow, and with that take care Boston Life Members.

Until tomorrow,

Boston Life


The End of February

24 Feb

Hello Boston Life Members,

As we begin to approach the yearly transition from February into March, be prepared, for the rainy season has commenced. From here on out you should expect flooding from both the rain and melting snow, and if you have stored your rain gear away, you’re going to want to pull that out.

On the bright side, this weekend is host to the 83rd annual Academy Awards. So if you would rather stay indoors this weekend, here is an event which is both entertaining and worthwhile. In other news, bellow are listed a number of interesting articles that staff members have been talking about. So go ahead and take a peak, maybe in your next lesson you could discuss it with your teacher.

The Discovery’s Final Voyage:

A Cure to the Common Cold:

A Government Shutdown Is No Joke:

Until Monday,

Boston Life

Program Update!

23 Feb

Good evening Boston Life Members,

Hopefully you all had another enjoyable day in sunny and slightly warmer Boston. If you happen to be a high school student here at Boston Life, then this information might be of use to you. Currently we are promoting our newly refined TOEFL Programs. Offering either private or group lessons, we have a flexible schedule and would love for you to take them into consideration. Lessons will run for two hours, and the minimum amount of hours you can purchase is 10 hours for private, and 20 hours for group classes. We hope you all keep this in mind, and spread the word to your friends.

Now on a completely random note, but one of interest to many, bellow are posted a number of articles that will if not already, be causing some rifts within society. So keep an eye on these stories:

Until tomorrow,

Boston Life

Getting Back into the Groove

22 Feb

Good evening Boston Life Members,

Welcome to another installment of our daily blog. We here at the center hope that you had a great President’s Weekend and are refreshed for the short week ahead. This week looks to be a sunny one, so get out and be active. If you are looking for something to do there are a number of book stores in the area that are hosting some very good authors, so if you find yourself free and near one of these places, drop in and listen to what these authors have to say:

Now for some of you spring break is quickly approaching, so this would be a good time to start deciding what you want to do, or more importantly where you want to go. offers fairly good air-fares as well as southwest and  There are so many cheap ways to travel these days that realistically there isn’t a good reason not to. If you’re hesitant or just unsure of where to go, take some pointers from your peers, over the past few weeks your peers have mentioned going to: Washington D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, Burlington, San Diego, Seattle and even as far west as Hawaii! There is no limit to your imagination, so be creative and see another side of America that you normally wouldn’t get to see.

On the other hand, for those of you who do not have a spring break, or are currently tied to Boston, take this time to load up on classes. Recently we have added a number of eager and exciting new teachers to our staff, meaning more opportunities are available for TOEFL classes, conversation classes, or even the specialized classes. February is almost over, and that means spring will soon be here, so get the most out of our services.

Until tomorrow,

Boston Life

President’s Weekend

18 Feb

Good evening Boston Life Members,

Lace up those dancing shoes and let’s hit the town. Today reached heights of 59˚F (15˚C) and now it’s time to celebrate. Besides it being the beginning of President’s Weekend, it is yet again the end to another business/academic week. So let’s go have some fun!

Bellow we have posted a list of wintery drinks that will hopefully inspire you to be a little conversational tonight. Again by going out and conversing with people throughout the city, your English will improve immensely, so don’t hold back and enjoy yourself.

For those of you, who are scheduled for Monday classes, remember the center is CLOSED this Monday for President’s Day. And bellow is also posted a link of more stores and public services that will be open/closed this Monday.’+Day+&p12=hot&p1=Well_HotTopics_links

Before we leave you, there is one more item of interest. Recently on an article appeared relaying the positive effects being bi-lingual has on alzheimers. So take a look whenever you’re free, and continue doing what you’re doing.

Until Tuesday,

Boston Life

Staying Active

17 Feb

Hello and welcome to another beautiful evening in the Boston area. Hopefully you all were able to spend some time out of doors today if not tomorrow looks to be just as promising. Reaching a peak of 59˚F (15˚C) Bostonians were given a small taste of what spring feels like. Unfortunately though our luck will not continue, this coming week looks to be quite frigid, so get out while you can, soak up all the vitamin D, and brace yourself for another bone chilling week ahead.

                While the cold seems to be creeping back into our lives, we here at the center hope that doesn’t inhibit you from being active. While many of you are regulars here at the Boston Life Center, we are challenging you to take your conversation skills outside of the classroom. Try speaking to people on the street, or in a coffee shop. One of our interns suggests signing up to volunteer somewhere. Boston Cares or offer a number of great opportunities that not only keep you talking but also keep you active during these winter months.

                If speaking to a stranger proves to be a little daunting then put your pencil to the page and start writing. GOOD Magazine has issued yet another project, Project: Nominate Someone Awesome. The gist is to bring awareness to influential and amazing people in your life. So give it some thought, and try using those English skills that you all have been refining.

Until tomorrow,

Boston Life

Going Through the Motions

15 Feb

Good afternoon Boston Life, and welcome to a frigid, yet sunny afternoon. If Monday gave you a taste of what spring felt like, then you will be happy to learn that later this week we are in store for some warmer temperatures. Steadily rising from the 40’s we are rumored to reach 50°F (10°C) this Friday.


In recent news:

China is ordering TV and film makers to reduce the amount of smoking that is portrayed on the big screen. In an attempt to reduce the amount of overall smokers, the Chinese government is finally taking their first steps. A more detailed account can be found here:


BP is at it again, this time partnering with Russia to pursue off-shore drilling in the Arctic. Hopefully the BP oil company won’t make the same mistake as they did in the Gulf of Mexico.


The United States, with Hilary Clinton leading the way, is verbally attacking repressive states, who restrict online free speech.



Hopefully these articles will tide you over until Thursday, until then we here at Boston Life wish you a safe and pleasant evening. Stay warm out there and have a good evening.



Until Thursday ,

Boston Life