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Monday Monday

31 Jan

Good morning Boston Life members, and welcome to the last week of January. Hopefully with the turn of the month, some milder weather will be headed our way and February will prove to be both an exciting and event filled month. Now, before we jump into the week, let’s take a moment to recap the weekend.

If you’re a sports fan, and especially a Celtics fan, you will be delighted to learn that in one of the more intense games of the season, the Celtics took a win of 109-96 against the L.A. Lakers. For a more in-depth review of the game you can follow this link and get a play-by-play of the game.

For football fans, the Pro Bowl in Hawaii left New Englanders and other AFC fans disappointed. Taking a 55-41 loss against the NFC, the NFC dominated the first half of the game.  Again for more coverage of the game you can follow the link bellow,

 Now for current happenings at the Center:

As many of you have been told time and time again, we are still updating our website. We have new flyers on the way, and more online programs developing. We hope to be introducing new teachers fairly shortly, and as always we are working hard to give you the best experience here at Boston Life.

For a heads up this week, there is a two-part storm predicted to hit Boston Tuesday afternoon and it’s predicted to extend until Wednesday where snow will be met with sleet and freezing rain. It looks to be an ugly storm, so make sure you’re not caught in it without the proper attire. To keep track of how much snow we have accumulated this season, check out this link. So far we are 24.7 inches away from reaching Shaq’s full height.

So until tomorrow,

Boston Life

Three Cheers for the Weekend

28 Jan

Lace up those dancing shoes and let’s hit the town! The week has finally come and gone, and now it’s time for you and your friends to let off some steam. If you’re worried about the unfortunate weather we’ve been having, don’t be alarmed. Tonight should be cloudy, but no chance of snow or rain. If you’re not sure where to go tonight, here are a few options that should ensure a good time.

1)      The Decemberists

The House of Blues

15 Lansdowne St. Boston, MA 02215

If you’re a fan of indie rock, then you will not want to miss this!

2)      Snoop Dogg

Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell

300 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Lowell, MA

If you’re a fan of his singles “Gin and Juice” or “What’s My Name?” then the trek over to UMass just might be worth it.

3)      Middlesex Lounge

315 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02238

Get your groove on and don’t be ashamed to show everyone your dancing skills.

4)      Phoenix Landing

512 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139

Again, this is just another bar with good music and a great place to let loose.


Now for those of you who’d rather keep it a chill evening, the box-office is host to a number of decent films this season, and some good quality time with your family, friends, or significant other is always a decent way to spend your evening. In fact, try playing a round of Monopoly, or for the more energetic, a round of Twister. The game Apples to Apples is always good with a crowd, but just remember the cards you get ultimately end up defining you for the night. So beware!  Now on behalf of everyone here at Boston Life, I wish you a happy and safe weekend.



Until Monday,

Boston Life  

The Count Down Begins

27 Jan

The year 2010 seems to have come and gone, and similar to the year, the month of January is in hot pursuit. So before we embrace February and salute January farewell, we believe a summary of the upcoming month is in order. For you see, February is a unique and one of the more interesting months throughout the year. Besides being the shortest month, it also is host to the Super Bowl, Awards Season, and one of the most controversial holidays Valentines Day. So take out a pen and paper, and start jotting these dates down, if anything they will be a good reference for you or your friends.

 1) Super Bowl XLV

February 6th

The Green Bay Packers vs. the Pittsburg Steelers

For many people here (those who reside in New England), this year’s Super Bowl may seem like a letdown. Almost guaranteed a spot in the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots took a disappointing and vital loss to the New York Jets on the 16th. Regardless, this game between the Packers and Steelers should be a good one. So round up your friends, and invite your neighbors for a good time. If anything it gives you an opportunity to socialize and host a party.

 2) The 53rd Grammy Awards

February 13th

This award ceremony recognizes outstanding achievements in the Music Industry. In order to prepare, check out who has been nominated and for what.

 3) Valentines Day A.K.A. (Singles Awareness Day)

February 14th

This Hallmark Holiday (for those who are not aware) is for lovers to express their love for each other. Attention ladies, this is not just a holiday for you to receive flowers, chocolate, cards, and various forms of affection. You also play an essential role in this holiday. Be creative, and show the person you care for in a unique and equally expressive way, how much you care for them. For those of you who are single and celebrating Singles Awareness Day, there are a number of things for you to fill your time with. See bellow:

4) The 31st Razzies Awards

 February 26th

This more or less joke of a ceremony recognizes those worst in film. To preview who will be featured look bellow:

5) The 83rd Academy Awards

February 27th

This is biggest night in Hollywood, where individuals are recognized for their outstanding achievements in film. Before the ceremony is the red carpet, and for those of you who like to see what celebrities are wearing these days, that is something you do not want to miss. Link to the nominees:

So there you go a preview of what’s to come, and with that we bid you adieu.

Until tomorrow,

Boston Life

Under Construction

25 Jan

With a new year comes new faces, and with new faces come change. As many of you know, we here at Boston Life have been hard at work, adding to our programs, re-formatting the website, and updating Boston Life’s overall image. We have added new interns, as well as new teachers.  (Hopefully they will soon be featured here.)  Needles to say it has been a work in progress, but progress none the less!  So Boston Life members, this is where we need your help. What else would you like to see Boston Life offer? Is there a particular class, program, or activity that you would like to see Boston Life pursue? Does there need to be a brochure? What about new flyers? Speak freely to us, or comment bellow, we would love to hear your input, and by helping us we can ultimately help you.

On an entirely separate note, for those of you who follow American politics, the State of the Union Address is tonight. Starting at 9:00ET you can either watch it here:;contentBody from your computer or on CBS if you have cable. For those of you who are not familiar though, the State of the Union is an annual address given by the President of the United States to Congress, where he shares his legislative plans and intentions for the up-coming year. In this address, President Obama will be speaking to a Republican majority house, therefore it should be interesting to observe.

So with that we bid you goodnight.

Until tomorrow,

Boston Life

Frigid Temperatures Hit Boston

24 Jan

For those of you who haven’t made their way to the Boston Life center yet, let me be the first to tell you the topic of conversation: The freezing temperatures. As many of you have realized by now temperatures have plummeted and have dropped into the negatives. Residents and visitors of the greater Boston area are in for a treat as they wake up to find the city as frigid as an ice-box (Possibly even colder). Currently standing at -2°F (-18° C), even the idea of bundling up to go outside sends a chill down one’s back. To those of you who have the luxury to stay in doors today, we here at Boston Life suggest camping out next to the heater to either watch some quality television or dive into a good book. If there were ever a day to stay in doors, today would defiantly be one of those days.

To get your mind off the cold however, let’s talk sports. For those of you who are American Football fans out there, some of you may be happy (or not so happy) to learn that the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburg Steelers have made their way to Super Bowl 45. Broadcasting February 6th that gives you two weeks to prepare for what should be an intense game. Invite your friends and neighbors for a Super Bowl party, this game is a perfect opportunity to practice your English and host a party. Cheers! So until tomorrow Boston Life members, stay warm and take care.


Boston Life

Winter Time in the City

21 Jan

As many of you have realized, the snow isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Now having said that, I’m sure many of you have made your snowmen, instigated a snowball fight or two, and possibly even begun to construct your dream igloo. If you haven’t well then you are in luck, throughout the proceeding week flurries are supposed to hit Boston, thus making the city a winter wonderland, yet again. This means plenty of time to add to your snowman family, perfect the snow angel, and even add another room to your igloo. While the snow offers many hours of enjoyment, sooner or later however it does get old. As the cold begins to creep down your back, eventually your new-found best friend, no longer is so sweet. So while the winter has finally locked in, we here at Boston Life have compiled a list of plausible options for you, to avoid the snow and rain. Just because it’s the winter time, doesn’t mean you should be bored.

1) Take a journey to the Museum of Fine Arts

  • For college students, this is free! Not to mention the MFA has recently opened their new wing: Art of the Americas. This new addition to the museum is truly superb, and a great way to waste a few hours.

2) See a movie at your local Brattle or Coolidge Corner Theatre

  • If you are tired of paying for over priced movie tickets then these theaters are where you need to go. Currently showing:3) Check out your Public Library

3) Check out your Public library

  • At the Boston Public Library on Boylston there is a free art & architecture tour every day of the week except Wednesday.

4) Go see a Celtics game

  • 1/21/2011 Celtics vs. Utah Jazz @7:30
  • 1/25/2011 Celtics vs. Cavaliers @7:30

5) Go see a Bruins game

  • 1/26/2011 Bruins vs. Panthers @7:00

6) Attend the New England Tango Academy

  • This is a great way to meet some new people, plus you get to learn some new dance moves. Drop in classes are $16, and a good time is ensured.

7) Go kart-racing

  • At F1 Boston you can race your friends, or a bunch of strangers. Put your peddle to the meddle and see who comes out champion.

For more ideas just comment bellow, but hopefully this list will get you started on your many wintery adventures.