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Trivia of the Day!

26 Feb

Today’s Trivia:
How long does it take the average person to fall asleep?

Yesterday’s Answer:
Watching TV burns fewer calories than a good night’s rest; so sleep as much as you can at night 

Last Friday’s Answer:

Last Friday’s Winners:
1) Yasuhiro Iida
2) Dong Jun Lee

Email every Friday with the correct answer for a chance to win a FREE one hour private-conversation (LG) lesson! Two winners each week!

Winners are chosen at random. Prize is not redeemable for cash but you may give your free lesson to another non-native English speaker. Prizes can only be redeemed at Boston Life right now but check back in the future for online lessons!

Check back on Monday for the answer and this week’s winners as well as the next trivia question!


English Level Assessment

23 Feb

Wondering how well your English is? Well here is a free online test that can help you determine what level of English you are at. Visit Exam English and take their free test today! Need help preparing for the TOEFL or other English assessment test? We can help you here at Boston Life!

FREE Cafe Club!

16 Feb

It’s winter in Boston. That means snow and never ending cold! (At least the weathermen got it right about the snow today!)  There is no better way to warm up then by coming to Boston Life’s FREE Cafe Club every Wednesday and Friday at 4pm. Meet us at Boston Life and then we will head over to one of the local cafes for some hot coffee or tea while enjoying wonderful conversation with native English speakers. Everyone who attended last Friday’s Cafe Club enjoyed learning about different cultures and were able to practice their English in a very American setting. We discussed differences between languages as well different types of accents that can be found in each country, such as Southern vs. Boston accents, as well as school and plans for the future. The topic of conversation is open so please join us Wednesdays and Fridays!!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please visit Boston Life to call or email.

TOEFL Lessons

9 Feb

The TOEFL is one of the most important tests that an international student will have to take. This test allows students to study abroad in almost any school in the world. The TOEFL measures English reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities and helps the takers to determine their English level and how well they will be able to understand and speak English in a classroom setting. Boston Life has several very skilled teachers who specialize in TOEFL prep and have helped many students to improve their scores through private Specialized Language Gym (SLG) lessons. We currently only offer services to the Boston/Cambridge area but we will be expanding with online TOEFL Prep lessons very soon! Please visit our LG Service page at Boston Life for more information and to schedule lessons!

Welcome to Boston Life!

4 Feb

Boston Life was founded in March of 2005 and offers language and cultural support for non-native English speakers. We provide a variety of programs for a range of skills from professionals to students to mothers. Our focus is to help our students to improve their English communication skills through private and semi-private lessons offered at affordable rates. All of the teachers at Boston Life are native English speakers who have many years of teaching experience.

Our Language Gym (LG) classes focus on improving English through conversation. Specialized Language Gym (SLG) classes offer a more focused approach for students who would like to improve a specific area such as writing and grammar or TOEFL preparation. The English as a Daily Language (EDL) service allows for learning outside of the classroom and is a great option for students who would prefer to learn outside of the classroom.

Boston Life is currently offering a free 1-hour trial of Language Gym for potential students from February 1 through February 6, 2010. Please visit for more information and to schedule your lesson today!